Ongoing Projects

Smart Earthquake Management

Smart Earthquake management an AI based system is undertaken to detect the level of earth quake, early prediction and then aftershocks after earthquakes in order to prevent further catastrophes. The system will not only predict the magnitude of the earthquake and aftershocks but also an accurate time of occurrence and their frequency. The system can also be used for bridges strength analysis and warning in case of excessive loading to avoid any long-term damage. Early warning system can help turning off important machinery that is susceptible to damage through vibration during their running cycle.

Tentative Date: September 20, 2021

Smart Flood Management

Smart Flood Management stems from the concept of predicting floods in time to reduce as much loss to infrastructure, livestock and human lives as possible. Research is carried out to develop an early warning system using AI algorithms that provides precise flood prediction, and (Early) timely warnings.

Tentative Date: September 20, 2021

Smart Landslide Management

Smart Landslide management stems from our concept of establishing a wireless sensor network at various parts of mountainous and otherwise flat lands on the highway prone to sliding. The data obtained is used for the implementation of an AI model to predict the possibility of land sliding in that particular area. An alert for emergency services and highway rescue team is generated along with the location when a vibration is sensed that can cause landslide.

Tentative Date: September 20, 2021

Smart environment

Smart environment is the concept developed to monitor the quality of air in areas with a high traffic rates at all times. The data obtained by monitoring air quality can be used to diagnose the causes of different respiratory and mental diseases which are a direct result of the environment. The impact on both crops yield and human will be entertained. The system can be beneficial to both health and agriculture departments.

Tentative Date: September 20, 2021

Safe city management

Safe City-using Machine Learning takes the concept of safe city one step further by making it intelligent and smart, with auto detection of malicious activities and directing the corresponding departments to take care of the incidents. The system can be implemented on micro level, at household level, hotels, & schools and at city level for the better governance. It provides an auto situation based alert system in case of any threat, malicious activity or intrusion to the premises.

Tentative Date: September 20, 2021

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